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"Our Auto-Pilot Programs "3-Proven Steps" Is Copyrighted And Proven. It Has Already Helped Scores Of People Receive up to $1,000, $3,000 and even $17,000 and More In Monthly Residual Checks plus a Brand New Car Faster and Easier Than They Ever Thought Possible. See For Yourself What Our Auto-Pilot Program Can Do For You! But You Better Hurry! Due To High Demand, We Only Have 67 Spots Left!"      
        ~ Multiple Income Streams, LLC Support Dept.





We received this Residual Check in only 28 days using our system! You Can Too!


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What Does This Mean For You?...


A Month From Now You Could Be Driving A New Car


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A Month From Now You Could Be Talking With A Real
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So if you're NOT interested in Retiring From Work within a year (Like the people who used this system did), you should not read any further.

This is VERY confidential stuff, and we only want people who are serious about making money at home to come in.

Because this is not just another work at home program, this is inside information that produces real results. And we show you Real Checks below as Proof! So Get Ready...

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In this letter you are going to find out about a Shocking, Jaw-Dropping Method on how you can, within 30 days or less, receive residual checks, each month, for up to $1,000, $3,000 and even $6,000 dollars and more, With Bonus Checks Paid To You Weekly - Mailing Our Powerful, Order Pulling Flyers To Our Buyers Names! This is real,...so listen carefully!

Our System Is Totally Automated
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In fact, It's so easy a child could do it. And through our "Home Business Program", we have successfully helped people just like you, receive up to $1,000, $3,000 and even $6,000 dollar checks each month, simply, easily, using a system that runs on auto-pilot. And,...


You Don't Have To Do Any Door To Door Selling Of Any Kind


You Don't Have To Chase Down Your Friends And Family, To Try And Sell Them Something, And...


 You Don't Have To Phone Strangers Badgering Them To Buy A Product

We've developed a method that is fail-safe,
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To get a Residual Check you need a system. One That Really Works!

It is a unique program, that once implemented will bring you a steady  Check each and every month you are in the system. Many of our first time List Builder Associates™ make up to $1,000 to $3,000 and even $6,000 dollars within their first 30 days! And this is by following a very successful Step-By-Step process that we perfected over the years.

It's An Amazingly Simple 3-Step Process
To Getting An Extra Monthly "Check!"

Step 1. After you register with us (Market Trends), you will receive our "$3,000 Monthly And More Residual Checks Program" 3-Step System instructions complete with our Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer with your dealer number on it.

Here's A Copy Of Our Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer;
Your Dealer Number Will Be In The Coupon.

See Larger Image Of Our Powerful Order Pulling Flyer! To Read It, Just Click Here!

Step 2. You simply follow our instructions and sign-up with the company of our choice For Your Monthly Residual Checks (We work with 6 different company's that pay you). Then you make copies of our Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer and immediately mail them to the Special Buyers Names We Provide. This does two things.

  1. It gets you sign ups which brings you residual checks every month through the company's we work with. And,...

  2.  As our registered List Builder Associate™(Registration form located on the bottom of this page) you get another check from us (Market Trends) each month from the orders we receive from your mailings.

Step 3. Within 7-10 Days We Will Begin To Receive Stacks Of Letters In Response To Your Mailings Of Each Person Signing Up Directly Under You.

We Will Then Make Sure Each Person Is Placed Under You. This Will Immediately Bring You TWO CHECKS As Described Above! 

One from us (Market Trends), and one from the company who will pay you your residual income (Company we work with is revealed in your Instant Down Load Instructions after you register with us) It's A Cinch!

Example: A 1,000 mailings can literally bring you up to $1,000 to $3,000 a month - Right From The Start! And this is residual income so you keep collecting that check every month even if you STOP MAILING! But why would you?  AND DID YOU KNOW,...

We Only Get Paid If You Do!

Why? Because each of the company's we work with have only agreed to pay us when you're getting paid. This is their guarantee that you collect your monthly checks.

What's more, as our "Market Trends LBA™(List Builder Associate)", each time we receive orders from the Flyers you mailed with your ID# on it, we send you a check for $19.95 each! So you're getting Two Checks for your one mailings. A powerful combination!

As you can see, It's Important To Us That You Get Your Monthly Checks Using Our System! Because Each Time You Get A Check, We Get A Check. All you have to do is mail our Powerful, Order Pulling Flyers To Our Buyers Names you'll receive on peel and stick labels Each Month And Your Getting Two Checks! It's That Simple! Moreover,...

...We Will Print And Mail For You
Through Our Letter Shop!

This is the easiest and quickest way to get started. Our print and mail services will be included in your 3 step system instructions which you will receive immediately after you register with us below.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: All Foreign List Builder Associates™ Must Use Our Print And Mail Services As It Is Too Expensive To Mail To U.S. Buyers Names From Your Country.

We Will Do It For You At A Nominal Fee. Details Will Be In Your 3-Step Instructions INSTANT DOWN LOAD After you register with us below.

And just so you know,
this is
not some envelope stuffing,
overnight riches, or pie in the sky nonsense...

But a Real Marketing System based on FACTS that we put into an easy to use 3-step system. A system that's been copyrighted, tested, and proven to BRING YOU Multiple CHECKS each, and every month YOU use it - Plain and simple! Plus, many of the company's we work with are listed in Fortune 500, so you know this is real.

Imagine Receiving A Residual Check Like This Every Month!

One Of 6 Residual Checks We Receive Each Month!

This is what everyone's raving about! It's the best way we know you can receive a monthly check with minimum effort!

We've posted this check to show you that each company we work with is the real deal, and you can count on getting paid handsomely for your mailing efforts from us (as our List Builder Associate™) and them.

The check above is for $2,990 that we receive each month from one of the six company's we work with using the same 3-step system you have here. Names on checks are blotted out to protect privacy.

Could you use an extra $1,000 to $3,000 dollar Residual Check of passive income each month? Plus a check from us for your mailing efforts, Or... 

...How Would An Extra $6,000 A Month Change Your Life?
We Uncover A Simple Secret You Can Use When You Mail,
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It's The Same Secret We Used To Get This Check Below!

Here's Another Check For $6,703.04 You Can Receive Each Month Using Our 3-Step System!

You can get Checks just like this each month. And you can start by answering a few simple questions...

Can YOU Fold A Letter?
Can YOU Insert It In An Envelope?
Can YOU Stamp It And Drop It In The Mail?

If you answered yes to the questions above then you can be making up to $1,000, $3,000, even $6,000 dollar Residual Checks each and every  month you put our system into use.

Remember you get TWO CHECKS per month right from the start. One From us as our List Builder Associate, and as an affiliate you'll receive a monthly Residual Check from one of the company's we work with (We reveal the company in your 3-step instructions which is INSTANTLY DOWNLOADED after you register below).

In other words, if you mail, one thing is for sure:  Your Going To Get At Least Two Checks Per Month Just Starting Out! Fair Enough?

Then as you continue to work with us every month, and sign up with other company's who pay you using our system, the amount of checks you receive will increase to 3, 4, then up to 6 checks per month.

Making money at home has never been easier!

Simply stated,...it's residual monthly income at its best. This means, as our List Builder Associate™, every time we receive additional orders from the Special Buyers Names who responded to your flyer, (And We Always Do!) you get the money added to your Weekly Bonus Check from us and Monthly Residual Check from the company we work with - Automatically!

We have several company's who pay through our "$3,000 Monthly And More Residual Checks Program", and  your checks are mailed directly to you on the 15th of each month.

And since the company's we work with are WORLDWIDE, it doesn't even matter where you live. You could live in the UNITED STATES, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, CHINA, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, SWEDEN, Etc.

Point is, if you follow our instructions and you mail every month, or you have us mail for you every month, You're Going To Get Residual Checks Every Month! It's that simple.

Plus,...You Are Immediately Notified When
Someone Registers With Us From
The Flyers You Mailed!

All you do is mail our Powerful, Order Pulling Flyers every month and WATCH YOUR PROFITS SOAR! Of course, the more you mail, the Bigger Your Weekly Bonus Checks and Monthly Residual Checks Will Be.

 But Wait!...

Here's The Best Part,...One of the company's we have set up through our Home Business Program, pays you $100 Dollar Bonus Checks for every 5 people who sign up directly under you in any 7 day period. Our system averages over 39 to 100 signups a week with a 1,000 piece mailing.

Just 50 signups in one week with this company will bring you a $1,000 Dollar Bonus Check!

And Since Those Same 50 People Will Be Sending In Their Registrations Fees from the flyers they received from you,  As our List Builder Associate™ we'll be sending you another check for up to $997.50 ($19.95 X 50)!

So your ONE MAILING of 1,000 Flyers can very realistically bring you two checks totaling $1,997.50! And all you did was mail our flyers. Powerful isn't it?

That's for only one week! Imagine what you will make in one month! That's How Our "List Builder Associates™" Make up to $1,000, $3,000 and even $6,000 dollars and more -  Right From The Start! Nothing could be easier, and it produces Instant Results!

Keep in mind, this is what you have rightfully coming to you each time you mail because you followed the same set of instructions that have put $1,000, $3,000 and even up to $6,000 and more in the hands of our National and International List Builder Associates™ and affiliates.

If you do not get your share of these monthly checks, you are only cheating yourself. And it's rather easy to get these checks each month but you must know what you are doing.

You need to know exactly what to do and how to do it. And that's exactly what we show you in our amazingly simple "$3,000 Monthly and More Residual Checks Program" 3-step system instructions." Nothing is left to chance, which pretty much guarantees you get checks every month. All you have to do is mail.

However, some checks do start out smaller, depending on how much you mail. In fact, a fair number of our List Builder Associates™are on a tight budget, and can only mail 500 flyers a month to our buyers names. If you're like them, your first check might be $200, $300, or even $500 dollars or more, just like the check below.

Take A Peek At The $225 Check We Received
 With Only 10 Signups In 5 Days, Right After
We Joined This New Company. Here, We
Only Did A 500 Piece Mailing Using Our
"3-Step System".

This Is A One-Time Mailing.
We Get This Residual "CHECK"
Every Month Now, And It Grows
Without Doing A Thing.
You Can Do It Too!
        Or Start Off With A Smaller 200 Piece Mailing And Build Your Checks Each Month!

And Here's Another Check We Got From Another Company, In Only
 7 days After
We Joined. It's A Check For $375.00! This Check
Was Received After Another 500 Piece Mailing.

UPDATE: Shocking Results!! Look What Happened To Our Check After Only 3 Months! Just Click Here To See It!

 Again, we're not showing you this to brag. But to prove to you that our 3-Step System really works, even with a smaller 500 piece mailing! And who can't do a 500 piece mailing, right?

...And don't forget as our List Builder Associate™ we send you a check for the orders we receive from your mailings, each time you mail. This in addition to the residual check you get above.

...That's What Makes It Great For Beginners!

Most people are in the dark about all this. That's why 98% of people who start home business programs fail to make any money.

In fact, most people don't have any idea how to get checks coming from even the very well-known companys that we get checks from LISTED ABOVE.

And yet, we consistently get these checks from these company's every month. Why? Because we have a system that works! You see, most people don't have a system. They just blindly join program after program hoping to hit pay dirt.

That's not going to happen. It has never happened in the past and it won't happen now. Trust us, we've been in business 30 years and we know what works and what doesn't. You must have a system that works - FIRST! Then you can find a program, any program to join, apply the system and the checks will flow.

That's the key,... having a system that truly works! Apply our system to any program...and WHAM! It strikes like a bolt of lightning!

Suddenly, you are receiving checks up to $1,000, $3,000, and even $6,000 Dollar and more from two, three, even up to six different company's, from all over the WORLD. And since it's residual, you'll  have checks coming to you like that EVERY MONTH, no matter what the program.

And remember, with EXTRA CHECKS we send you from the orders we receive from your mailings as our List Builder Associate™, That makes this A Win-Win Situation!

And that's what you have here. The same, exact
3-step system we use that consistently brings
us $1,000 to $6,000 Dollar Residual Checks,
every month from 6 Different Company's!

And we show you Real Checks above as Proof!  Plus, we reveal the names and addresses of the company's who sends you the checks in your "$3,000 Monthly And More Residual Checks Program" 3-Step System INSTANT DOWN LOAD BELOW", which includes the ones above.

Now you have a chance to get up to 6 Checks
Every Month like we do! A Success Situation!

Finally, you'll have a legitimate home based business you can be proud of, and you'll create a lifetime Residual Income Stream for you and your family for years to come with extra checks coming from us weekly from orders we receive from your mailings. This creates a steady flow of income.

And remember, this is residual income in addition to the checks you get from us, which means once you start receiving your monthly checks, they don't stop coming to you as long as you're in the system - Even If You Stop Mailing At Home!

While other company's claim their system will make you $50,000 in 30 days - That's just talk!

We prove to you our system works with Real Checks, from Real Company's to Real People. As you can see, some checks start off small with a smaller mailing. But as you keep mailing, your checks grow every month, up to $1,000, $3,000 and eventually $6,000 dollars and more, creating an extra income stream for you each and every month.

To date, our total combined commissions from the last two company's we joined above, is now over $10,600 every month and growing, using our easy to follow 3-step system. We'll be posting those checks to this website very soon, so stay tuned. Would you like to get a check like that every month?     

What's the key to getting checks
like that each month?

Just keep mailing, that's all you have to do. Our 3-Step System Does The Rest.

Just picture what your life would be like in just 3 months from now using our system. Oh, we forgot to tell you one thing,...the last two company's we mentioned above mails your BONUS checks to you every week!  

Now It's Your Turn!

Monthly Residual Checks Puts REAL CASH In Your Hands. CASH You Can Use Now Without Worrying About Tomorrow. Because Your Residual Checks Don't Stop. They Just keep Coming, And Coming, And Coming - EVERY MONTH!

Imagine receiving up to $1,000 to "$3,000" Dollars and More In RESIDUAL CHECKS each month plus extra checks from us to pay your Groceries Bills, Car Notes, Mortgage Or Rent. Or how about a $6,000 dollar CHECK to go on an Exotic Vacation, or to just put a down payment on that Dream House You've Always Wanted!

You can get a check each month to do just that and more! Everybody knows bills are residual. They come every month whether you have a job or not. They come in the rain, the sunshine, whether its the Winter, Spring, Summer, Or Fall.

They come during your Vacation, and even right after the Holidays! Market Trends "$3,000 Monthly and More Residual Checks Program" is your answer. You can get checks through us, every month as our List Builder Associate™, by following the simple 3-Step process described here. And Since It's Residual plus BONUS CHECKS from us, You'll Never, Ever Worry About Meeting Your Monthly Bills Again!

Just take a look at some of the incomes at the top of this letter that has already been paid out. For that matter, 

This Is Tangible Proof From Just A Few Of The Company's We Work With Who Will Be Paying You In Addition To The Checks We'll Be Sending You From The Orders We Receive From Your Mailings as our List Builder Associate™!

There Are Over 1,296 Real Testimonials On File With These Company's. And you could be their next Real Testimonial. It's happened more than once with our program, and it can happen to you too.

You can see for yourself that our program works. But,...

...You Get More Than A Home Business Program
That Works, You Get It From Company's

We Make Sure Each Company That Pays You
Is Stable And,...

Ž Established For At Least 5 Years

Ž Are Inc500 Debt Free Listed Company's

Ž Member Of DSA, BBB, Or Dun And Bradstreet

Ž Pay Weekly And Monthly Residual Checks.

Ž Have A Track Record Of Paying Out Millions In Monthly Residual Income.

Here's What A Few Of Our Affiliates Had To Say:

"WOW! I can hardly believe it,...after enrolling only 4 people, 
my team has already grown to 607 people in just 8 weeks! 
I have tried a lot of programs, but this is the first 
one that I was able to see success in a short 
period of time. I'm a stay at home mom, so 
this is great! Thanks."                     
 ~ Donna S., AL              
"I've spent most of my working life in the corporate marketing field 
and was completely blown away when I saw this unique system. 
Even though I was skeptical, I was excited about the possibilities.
I jumped in and started using this system and in only 4 months, 
I'm now working full-time from home."                                               
 ~ Sandi H., NY              
"Based on facts I used in your 3-step system package, I now make $3,000 to 
$6,000 checks every month, and it’s no accident. Each time I use it, 
I get the checks. This system really works! Thanks. 
Read my full testimonial here!"
 ~ L. W. B. Jr., NY             
"In Just 11 days my down line has grown to 213 people.
Amazing to think I hadn't even heard of this opportunity 12 days ago!"
 ~ Robert Martino, FL             
Plainly stated, Our Program Is The Only "Home Business Program" where you can 
realistically make up to $1,000 to $3,000 and, even $6,000 dollars and more within your 
first 30 days and every month after that on auto-pilot. Truth is,...It's the easiest way to make extra 
money in your spare time working at home. 

What's more, you'll get a Check each and every month HANDS FREE, as long as you 
stay in the system from us and through the company's listed above.

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Our "$3,000 Monthly And More Residual Checks Home Business Program" is in high demand. But due to our supplier agreement, we were only given 1,019 Home Business Packages to offer at this time.

Now, we only have 219 182 67 copies left in stock! This offer is sure to sell out quickly knowing that this website is being advertised to over 5,000 people just like you, who want to collect $1,000, $3,000 and even $6,000 Dollar Checks in the next 30 days and every month after that.

So if you're really serious about immediately receiving Residual and Bonus Checks weekly and monthly through our program, You Can't Wait!...

 ...You need to take immediate action now!

Our "$3,000 Monthly And More Residual Checks Home Business Program" original price is $89.95 for the use of our Powerful, Copyrighted Order Pulling Flyer That Brings You 39 to 100 Signups a Week, Through The Company's We Choose, With Weekly Bonus Checks!

And That's What We'll Be Charging Again Soon. But you're not going to pay that right now. In fact, you're not even going to pay $69.95 Or $59.95.

If you register right now, within the next 72 hours, our Complete "$3,000 Dollar Monthly Residual Checks 3-Step System Instructions" and the use of our Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer with registration in Market Trends "Home Business Program" as our List Builder Associate™ is only $1.00 For Full 30 Day Risk Free Trial and then only $37.00 service fee each month after that!

What is the monthly service fee for?

 As our Market Trends LBA™ (List Builders Associate) you don't have to worry about anything but mailing our Powerful, Order Pulling Flyers to Our Buyers Names. Or have us mail for you. And when we receive orders from your mailings You Get A Check. It's that simple.

Remember "You Get Two Checks Per Month." One from the company's we listed above (Look at The Checks) and One from us every time we receive orders from your mailings:


We do all of the printing


We mail all of the follow-up packages for you


We answer all of the phone calls for you


We close all of the orders for you


We issue all of the refunds from your mailings and we never charge you for it


We pay postage in all follow-up packages from your mailings, which gets orders back to us quickly paying you a commission


We provide our help line so Buyers Names can sign up online line successfully


We correct all ERROR orders we receive from your mailings, which ensures you get a check


We do all of the re-mails for you from bad addresses we receive from your mailings which increases your monthly commission checks


We pay your commission checks on the 15th of every month from the previous months orders we receive from your mailings


And much, much more!


As you can see, our service fee of $37.00 monthly is nominal considering all the work we do to ensure you get weekly and monthly checks.


Fact is, we need List Builder Associates™ like you to mail for us (Nationally and Internationally).


Why? Your mailings helps us build strong leads for our affiliate down lines in the companies we work with. These are the same companies you'll be receiving up to $3,000 to $6,000 monthly and more in residual checks from after you've registered with us and begin mailing.


All International "List Builder Associates™" will mail through our letter shop here in the United States. Full information will be in your "$3000 Monthly Home Business Instructions INSTANT DOWNLOAD". Just register below now and you'll receive our INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS 3-Step System Instructions on getting up to $1,000, $3,000 and even $6,000 dollars Monthly Residual Checks - All On Auto-pilot!




When you partner with us and mail, as our List Builder Associate™ we will gladly pay you commission checks from the orders we receive from your mailings through our 11 commission instruments that we built up over the past 14 years. See how you get paid below.




  1. You Get Paid $25.00 For Every New LBA™ Member We Receive From Your Mailings

  2. You Get Paid $19.95 For Every Flyer Response We Receive From Your Mailings

  3. You Get Paid $5.00 For Every Post Card Response We Receive From Your Mailings

  4. You Get Paid $15.00 For Every Quantity Buyer Names Order We Receive From Your Mailings

  5. You Get Paid $15.00 For Every Quantity Post Card Orders We Receive From Your Mailings

  6. You Get Paid $115 For Every 6 Month Co-op Ad Order We Receive From Your Mailings

  7. You Get Paid $130 For Every 12 Month Co-op Ad Order We Receive From Your Mailings

  8. You Get Paid $150 For Every Insiders Group SILVER Membership We Receive From Your Mailings

  9. You Get Paid $200.00 For Every Insiders Group GOLD Membership We Receive From Your Mailings

  10. You Get Paid $300.00 For Every Insiders Group PLATINUM Membership We Receive From Your Mailings

  11. You Get Paid $500.00 For Every Insiders Group DIAMOND Membership We Receive From Your Mailings

What's More, You Have Our FULL 90-Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with up to $3,000 Dollars If You Are Not Completely Satisfied.


guarantee image

We’re so sure you’ll be completely satisfied with our “Home Business Program” that we’re willing to back it up with a FULL 90- Day, No Risk, 100%  Money Back Guarantee with up to $3,000 Dollars.

Here’s How It Works: After you receive our copyrighted Home Business Program 3-Step System instructions, simply put it into use for 90 days.

After you have made up to $3,000 monthly for 3 months including the checks you get from us as our List Builder Associate™, if for any reason you are not satisfied, just send all our materials back Unspoiled for a complete and No Hassles Refund. No Questions Asked! And You Can Keep The $3,000 Dollar Monthly Residual Checks.  This of course is after your $1.00 full 30 Day Risk Free Trial has ended.

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Therefore, We Have Scheduled Our Pages
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When they come back up again, it will definitely be at the original price of $89.95. Again, if you're not able to take advantage of our unique system that brings you CHECKS each month, then we apologize in advance, as our doors have already been closed!

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