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Important Note:

Against my better judgment, and for the first time ever.

I have agreed to reveal my experience.

That brought me from $11.00 an hour, to $3,000, and even $6,000 dollar checks every month, working at home!

It took me over 2 Years, and another 3 months to test, and test again before I was sure it worked. And now it's finally ready...

Keep reading to get the full details,... 

From The Desk Of: L. W. Braxton Jr.

Dear Home Based Worker,

I need to get this off my chest before I explode!! First off, the so-called Work At Home experts are claiming to reveal their untold secrets which are nothing more than a bunch of theories,...You deserve nothing but the truth! This is real...let me explain.

There is only one way I know that you can realistically make up to $3,000 per month and more... Working At Home! And you can do it no matter where you live, working only a couple hours a day, and in your spare time.

I'm going to do something I swore I would never do...I'm going to give you my step-by-step experience on how you can Instantly make up to $1,000, $3,000, even $6,000 per month and more...Working At Home!

My friends think I'm crazy, but I don't care...I'm letting the Truth out. Why? Because I stood by and watched way to many people who truly wanted to make extra money working at home...Get Burned!

I got burned, many times, but discovered a way that really works! And now I'm giving it to you. You have a right to know the truth.

So, if you want to make Real Money working at home, and you are truly sincere, then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read!

Why? Because it's my story, and it's TRUE.

And what better way to start a Work At Home program, than to hear it straight from an
average guy like me who already did it!

And if you follow the same exact steps I used below, You'll Avoid The Minor Mistakes I First Made, And Realistically Make up to $1,000, $3,000, or even $6,000 dollars per month,...Right From The Start!!

You'll finally Be Free of the day to day Grind!!

You'll be able to Buy yourself a New Car, And Pay OFF All Of Your Bills. Plus, enjoy the finer things that life has to offer, just as I am doing now. It wasn't always like this for me...

Just over 7 years ago in 2004 I was pushing crates for a living at $11.00 dollars an hour, working 70 to 95 hours a week, 6 days a week (Including Saturdays) trying to support my wife and two kids. After two years of this I had ENOUGH!

I was tired of the heavy lifting, the mandatory
hours, with my boss breathing 

down my neck...

...telling me if I didn’t Work the overtime hours I would be fired! Not to mention the other duties I had around the outside of the Warehouse building, constantly cleaning the parking lot, and shoveling snow in the winter to open a path for the corporate office.

I said to myself, "Hey, I wasn’t hired to do this, why am I doing it? They can easily outsource it to another company," but NO, it was part of my job I was told.


There were times I was shoveling snow in

18-20 degree weather...

...at 3 hour intervals, with no thank you from my boss, not even a “You did a good job”,… NOTHING!!

I said to myself “That’s it”!! For the next several months I dedicated myself to try every “Work At Home Program” I could get my hands on.

Boy did I get burned! Over and over again. I began to think there were no real work at home programs out there. But the more I worked at my job, the more determined I was to find the right one.

What made matters worse? Guys at my job kept teasing and laughing at me. They didn’t think I could make any money working at home - But Then I Did!

Out of the 19 work at home programs I spent my hard earned money on, and got burned, only one came through. Now I make up to $3,000 to $6,000 dollar Residual Checks every month with...


  • No Selling

  • No Chasing Friends And Family

  • No Cold Calling

  • Not Even Really Working,

I just give away or mail a “Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer” to Buyers Names that a company (Market Trends) provides me with, and usually within 30 days, I receive a Check in the mail for up to $1,000 to $3,000 and more. And depending on how much work I put into it...

...I receive two to five of these
checks each month!

...Here's a partial of one of the checks I got in 2008 I took right out of my mail box!! I cut off part of the check for security reasons. You have to protect yourself in this day and age. Check It Out!

Make Extra Money Residual Income Check

...it's a Residual Check from one of the company's you'll be working with who will be paying you also.

Every once in a while you come across a program that really works! This program is the only "Home Business Program" where you can realistically make up to $1,000, $3,000 even $6,000 dollars and more in your first 30 days, working at home. I've tried most of them, and if you want to know the real truth, this is the only one that worked for me. In fact,...


***You'll Be Shocked When You See What
This Program Can Do For You!


All you do is give away or mail Market Trends "Powerful, Order Pulling Flyers" to their Buyers Names and Just Like Me, You'll Collect Your Checks Every Month!

They've developed something very powerful for the almost effortless receiving of monthly Residual Checks!

In fact, it's so powerful that depending on how much effort you put into it,
it allows you to make up to $1,000, $3,000 even $6,000 dollar residual checks in 3 to 4 weeks flat! With BONUS CHECKS Mailed To You Weekly!

And amazing as it may seem, you can make this awesome amount of money, while you work, on vacation and even while you sleep!   

It's "Residual Income." And with residual income you get paid Checks every month whether you continue working or not, because the people under you are still mailing, which continues to build their checks and yours.

In fact, after your first mailing all you have to do to keep collecting your checks is to stay active. It's that simple.

But if you want Bigger Residual Checks each month just keep mailing. Because if you do, your monthly Checks will snowball....

...And that's just how the checks come to you
every month, each one larger than the last.
Because the more you mail, the more people
will join, and the Bigger Your Monthly
Residual Checks Will Be.

It really is that easy.

Make Extra Money Residual Incomes

What's more, the Residual Checks keeps coming to you for months and even years later as long as you remain in the program. It truly is a great opportunity!

I think I finally cracked the code to making money at home because this one really works!

And I did it in 3-Easy Foolproof Steps. Here's the
no fluff, no headaches, and no sweat way
I started bringing in Checks each month
and how you can too!

Step 1. After you register with "Market Trends," you'll receive your "Home Business Program" instructions by FedEx® or Priority Delivery, complete with a copy of their "Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer" enclosed with your dealer number on it.

Step 2. You simply follow their instructions and sign-up with the company of their choice (This is the company you'll be receiving your Residual Checks From Each Month. It's the same company who pays me).

Then you make copies of your "Powerful, Order Pulling Flyers" with your dealer number on it, and immediately mail them to the Special Buyers Names they provide.

Step 3. You Collect Your CHECKS In 30 Days and every month after that! It's A Cinch!

Lets face it, what you really want is
what  most people want,

"An Extra Monthly Check To Help Pay Those Nagging Bills Or Just To Enjoy The Finer Things That Life has To Offer."

Who doesn't right? Problem is, most people don't know where to look or who to talk to or what to do to get those checks each month. It's not your fault, after all  you can't talk to your co-worker or your neighbor down the block.

Most of them have probably heard of people making money at home getting those Big Monthly Checks, but they don't really know anybody' who's actually doing it. If they did you would've heard about it by now.

That's why I wrote this letter. Since I'm already doing it, working with six legitimate company's who pays out millions in monthly Residual Checks, I'm actually letting you in on my secret. Fact is, I'm one of those people you heard or read about.

But the difference is, my story is not some fluff story, or pie in the sky nonsense you've read about.

I live it, and actually make a living at this day in and day out, and I Give You
 Proof Of One Of My Checks Above

Not to brag, but just to show you this one's real, and that You Can Do It Too!

You see, I was in your shoes just 7 years ago. And the problems I had then are common of most hard working people today - Trying To Get Ahead.

I'm no different than you, I used to work
12 to 16 hour days, 5 to 6 days a week,
then on payday I'd pick up my
paycheck, just like you

And after taxes and other miscellaneous deductions, I have the money to pay my bills right? Sure. But I was always short of money to really enjoy life. You know, The New Car, New House, New Boat, Exotic Vacation Or just putting Cash away for Emergency Purposes.

I needed the money that would give me peace of mind. That if I had to dig into it, for any reason, I wouldn't feel it. Because I'd have plenty left over, due to the fact that I make way above average to begin with.

That's what a Residual Check does for you.
And you'll get a residual Check each month,
just like me, from a legitimate company
who's been doing it for over 12 years.

And there's more: With Market Trends "Home Business Programs 3-Step System" you have the opportunity to work with many different company's who will be sending you checks each month. But you start off with One Company at A Time.

That's the way they do it. This way, you build up your Checks Each Month First, before you join the next one.

...And before you know it, you'll be like me,

Collecting up to 5-6 Different Residual Checks each month paying you up to $1,000, $3,000 even $6,000 dollars month after month, and year after year. Plus...

...All you have to do to get those checks is what I do,... simply mail out your "Powerful Order Pulling Flyers To Buyers Names They Provide" with your dealer number on it. That's It. Market Trends Takes Care Of The Rest. No fussing, no headaches, no more struggling, it's easy,...


You Sign Up


You Get Your Buyers Names


You Mail Your Flyers


You Get Your Checks

It's all explained in your "Home Business Package 3-Step System" that you'll receive in the next 3-5 days as soon as you register with Market Trends below.

After that, collecting your Checks is a piece of cake, all you have to do is mail.
Nothing Could Be Easier! But Wait! Here's The Most Important Part,...

...The company's who pay you are
company's You Can Trust, they are:

Þ Established For At Least 5 Years

Þ Are Inc500 Debt Free Listed Companies


Þ Are Members Of DSA, BBB, Or Dun And Bradstreet

Þ Pay Weekly And Monthly Residual Checks

Þ Have A Track Record Of Paying Out Millions In Monthly Residual Income

In fact, one of the company's you'll be working with, pays you $100 Dollar Bonus Checks for
every 5 new sign ups you receive in any

7 day period from your mailings!

Here's a sample bonus check below:

 Or Start Off With A Smaller 200 Piece Mailing And Build Your Checks Each Month!

The Bonus Check above is for $225 and was
received by only mailing out 200 flyers!

Imagine, if you mail out 1000 "Powerful Order Pulling Flyers" to Buyers Names with your dealer number on it. You can get 50 to 100 new signups in 7 days, and you'll get a weekly Bonus Check for $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 in just 2 weeks time!

Now here's where you get ahead in life. Because all Bonus Checks are mailed to you every 2 Weeks.

But that's not all...with those same 50 to 100 new signups, you'll also receive a $750.00 to $1,500
Residual Check on the 15th of every month.

Why? Because you get paid an additional $15.00 for each new signup who remains active every month, this is Without You Lifting A Finger!

That's why it's called Residual Income. And it comes to you on the 15th of every month as long as you stay in the system. You don't have to do a thing more.

In fact, as long as your new signups stay active, even if you STOP mailing, the checks will still keep coming to you every month.

Seven years ago when I first did it, I didn't have time to give away the Flyers because I was still working full time.

So I used the mailing method with the Buyers Names they provide. And it worked like a charm. Oh, and by the way, these are REAL BUYERS NAMES, because I got a huge response from my first mailing.

Check this out, I only mailed 800 my first week, and within 14 days I checked my mailbox to find a check made out to me for over $1,710.00 dollars. I'll never forget it, that was my first Bonus Check and boy was it sweet.

Like I said, it's a great way to get ahead, and that's exactly what I did to catch up on some bills I had piling up.

But there's even more, on the 15th of the month I received another check, a Residual Check  for $570.00 (My first real residual check). That's when I knew I was onto something big. Again, that was over seven years ago.

Now I mail upwards of 3,000 flyers every month (I work with a company that does this for me, they'll do it for you too, you won't have to lift a finger. The name of the company is included in your package),...

...and I now steadily make up to $3,000 Weekly BONUS CHECKS, and up to $6,000 monthly Residual Checks.

Not bad for a guy who was once making only $11.00 an hour in a Warehouse just seven years ago. If I can do it - YOU CAN TOO! Everything is explained in easy to read step-by step instructions in your package. Nothing is left to chance.

You'll be doing exactly what I do to get the kind of checks I get ($3,000 to $6,000 every month). This is great because you already know it works. You just follow my lead.

And You Don't Have To Advertise Or Try And Find The Names To Send Your Flyers To...THEY PROVIDE THE NAMES FOR YOU EACH TIME YOU DO IT.

The way I look at it, you finally have the truth about a program that really works from an average guy like me who's doing it.

No doubt about it,...if I had this same information when I first started out, I could have saved myself $1,000's trying to find the right one.

And maybe that's why I had to go through all of that to find the right program. So you won't have to go through what I did, spending all that money, trying to find a program that works.

Finally, A Real Program You Can
Be Proud Of,...

...Not some envelope stuffing, overnight riches, pie in the sky, or any of that nonsense.
But a real program, based on an Easy 3-Step System that's been copyrighted, tested, and proven to work for you, just as it's working for me!

What's more, you are provided the marketing materials (Market Trends provides you with their Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer, Instructions and Real Buyers Names that will bring you the Checks Each Month). But they also,...


Answer All The Questions By Phone For All Members


They Do All The Follow-Up Mailings. And, They Make Sure...


You Get All The Sign-Ups  From Your Mailings For Your Monthly Residual Checks


The reality is, the "3-Step System" they
created is the most logical system in the
world, because it has to work for you,
first, before it EVER works for them.

In other words, since Bonus Checks come to you first, You Get Paid First, before they (Market Trends) ever see a dime (In Residual Income).

That’s a work at home program I can be proud of, and I’m so proud that I now help new affiliates get started to make the money they need. And I bet your saying "yeah but you get paid for it"

And yes I do get paid for it. So I have a vested interest in your success. But that's good for you, because that means when you mail, You're Definitely Going To Get A Check, Because I'm Going To Make Sure Of It.

And although I don't get paid right away, since you're somewhere in my down line I will eventually receive a Residual Check based on your efforts. So it is important to me to make sure you're in profit, So I Can Collect My BONUS CHECKS! It's that simple.

Moreover,...I'm very passionate about helping people like you get started on the right foot. Maybe you're in the same situation I was in 7 years ago, or maybe worse.

If you are, but you are sincere, I can help you now.

Get started right now,  Within The Next 72 Hours,

and as a "BONUS" you'll receive the same

"Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer" I used to make

over "$172,000.00" last year alone,
working at home ABSOLUTELY FREE!*

My satisfaction is helping people achieve their financial goals. I will do the same for you.

Important Note: Bonus is only available if you register by  February 15, 2013.

Listen, I started making $1,710.00 dollars in Commission Checks, simply mailing 800 of Market Trends "Powerful Order Pulling Flyers" to their Proven Buyers Names.

Now I mail more and make $3,000.00 in weekly Bonus Checks and $6,000.00 in monthly Residual Checks, Month After Month, Year After Year. I was able to quit my job, and I now have "Time Freedom".  I will do the Same for you.

Make Money Online And Get Residual Checks In The Mail

Oh, and guess what? After I pulled up to my old job in a Brand New Mercedes-Benz S Class, the same guys that were teasing me, begged me to tell them what I was doing, and how they can do it too.


I believe in helping others so I told them. And within two years after a few of them used the same 3-step system, I used, some of them quit their jobs as well, and told me they were very grateful.

But listen to this, - People just like you all across the country and even worldwide are using the same "3-step system" in their spare time mailing only 200 to 500 within their first week,...

And look what happened,...

"$1,657 in my first
30 days with your 3-step system..."
 ~ R. Vega, Delano, CA.


“$2,900 in profits my 
first full month in the program!”
 ~ C. Craft, Roachdale, IN


“$800 in 3 weeks and I didn’t 
even talk to anybody!”
 ~ L.L. Cummings, St. Francisville, CA


"Paid CASH for a new Chrysler 300C,
Moved into a New Home, and 
Making over $12,000 in monthly checks!"
 ~ M. Johnson, Bronx, NY


"My income quickly grew from $770 
to $3,684 and now $10,837 every month 
in residual checks!"
 ~ J. Winters Jr., E. St. Louis, IL

You can do it too! See for yourself how easy it is to start making up to $3,000 to 
$6,000 a month in Residual Checks using a copyrighted and proven 3-step system
that really works!!


But when you go to the company’s (Market Trends) web site, you will see other real life testimonials as well, and copy's of more checks from other company's they work with. So don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Oh, and before I forget, the code# to register is code# FT-3000 on their web site. You can register online with them or by mail, details are on their website.  Foreign Or International? Click Here!

Now I have time to spend with my wife

and two kids with all my bills paid,

Thank GOD!...

...And that’s a blessing. Honestly, you can’t put a price on "Time Freedom". I can come and go as I please, go on vacation, go sailing, shopping or just lounge around the house, and I still make more money in a day than I use to make all month working at my old job.


Now I enjoy what life is really about, - Spending More Time With My Family with the greatest of satisfaction, and never, ever, worry about money again. As opposed to grinding it out in a warehouse throwing my life down the toilet. Wasted years! I don't know about you but I don't have time to waste.

Time is too precious, and I want to be there to see my children grow up. That's important to me. And working those Long 70 to 95 hour weeks, I wasn't home. I simply wasn't there for my children. I call it "Willful Slavery".

Definition? Choosing to get up everyday At 6:00 A.M., fight through rush

hour traffic, and traffic jams, just to get to work at 8:00 A.M., punch a clock, and work until 1:00 A.M. the next morning. Go home, eat, sleep, to wake up and do the same thing All Over Again,...6 Days A Week, Month After Month, Year After Year!! It was MUNDANE.

That's "Willful Slavery" (Your Will To Slave For Someone Else, Making Them Rich, Instead Of Yourself). Sorry if I sound a little forthright, but that life was just Ridiculous!


You may be in the same situation

I use to be in. I hope not.

But if you are, there’s still hope. Last I checked, they are still looking for new affiliates to mail their "Powerful, Order Pulling Flyers" for them. But only if you are sincere. They do not want curiosity seekers.

So if you are sincere, and you truly want to make Real Money working at home, you can go to their web site and register Now.

It's only $34.95 to register as their distributor. This is a reduced price until  February 15, 2013.

And keep in mind, their regular price of $89.95 will return so I would advise you to register now before its too late!

The Quickest Way To Register Is To Rush $34.95* Cash, Check Or Money Order For Code# 3000 To:

Market Trends

Dept. WS213, Box 331

Long Island, NY 11784

And your Home Business Package is rushed to you in 3-5 days.

"90-Day" No Questions Asked Money-Back GUARANTEE, with up to "$3,000 Dollars!"guarantee image

Plus, they let you try the program out for 90 days with a 100%,
NO QUESTIONS ASKED, Money-Back GUARANTEE with up to $3,000 Dollars!

Here’s How It Works:

After you receive their copyrighted Home Business Program 3-Step System instructions, simply put it into use for 90 days.

After you have made up to $3,000 monthly for 3 months, if for any reason you are not satisfied, just send all their materials back Unspoiled for a complete and No Hassles Refund. No Questions Asked! And You Can Keep The $3,000 Dollar Monthly Residual Checks.

Now That's A Guarantee Few Company's Can Make. So don't wait! To Get Started, Just Go Here: "$3,000" Dollar Monthly Residual CHECKS!


The Quickest Way To Register Just Click Below Now!
Your Order Ships Within 3-5 Days Guaranteed!

Register Today Within The Next Few Minutes

And I Will Put 9 Bonus Sign-ups Under You, Bringing You an “INSTANT BONUS CHECK” Of up to $450!
You'll Receive "Your BONUS Check" In Just 3-4 Weeks!

I Don’t Make Promises I Can’t Keep, So I Can Only Make This Bonus Available To The Next 5 People Who Register Now!

If You’re One Of The 5, You Will Be Notified.
I Only Choose 5 Every Month, And They
Fill Up Quick, So You Better Hurry!
This Bonus is -- Guaranteed!

Special $34.95 Limited Time "Introductory Offer"
May Be Pulled At Any Time, Don't You Miss Out!...

Register Now!


Yes, this is exciting. I am registering within 72 hours, and I'm taking advantage of your  $89.95 $59.95 $34.95 low registration fee now before your original price of $89.95 returns. 


Please rush me Market Trends "Home Business Program" with your 3-Step System instructions to receive my residual checks and a copy of your same, exact "Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer", which will make me up to $1,000 to $3,000 and even $6,000 a month mailing to your Buyers Names. I understand I am an Independent Dealer, not an employee of Market Trends.


Most important, I understand I will receive my first checks of up to $1,000, $3,000 and even $6,000 dollars within 30 days of using your 3-step system. 


I also understand I have a FULL 90-Day Money Back Guarantee if I am not completely satisfied, and I can request a FULL REFUND with up to $3,000 Dollars as described above. No Questions Asked.


On that basis please register me in "Market Trends Home Business Program" Now, and rush my Confidential "Home Business Package" to me Via FedEx Or Priority Delivery within the next 3-5 days. Thank you.

$89.95  $59.95
$34.95 USD

(One-Time Fee)

Back To What I Was Reading

Foreign Or International? Click Below Now! 

Back To What I Was Reading



The Quickest Way To Register Just Click Here Now! Foreign Or International? Just Click Here!

And Your Home Business Package will mail to you Within 3-5 days via FedEx or Priority Delivery.

Plus, if you register now, you will receive the same, exact "Powerful, Order Pulling Flyer" I use to make over $172,000.00 Last Year Alone! Don't You Miss Out! 

Just follow their 3-Step system like I did, and you’re on your way making up to $3,000 dollars and more in monthly Residual Checks mailing Market Trends "Powerful, Order Pulling Flyers" just like I’m doing now. It's That Easy.


**But Be Warned: They Only Have
1,019 , 182, 67 Home Business Packages

Left In Stock!!**

Due to their supplier agreement, they were only given 1,019 copies to offer at this time! And copies are going fast! Now Only 67 Copies Left In Stock! Once they’re GONE, that’s it, this offer is over! And The next One Will Definitely Be At Their Regular Price Of $89.95.

So you need to take immediate action now before it’s too late! And you have their 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee If You Are Not Completely Satisfied.

Just go to: "$3,000" Dollars Monthly Residual CHECKS! and register now!


The Quickest Way To Register? Just Click Here Now! 

To Your Success,


Your Fellow Home Based Worker,

L. W. Braxton Jr.

P.S. As you already know the Bonus I told you about is only Included if you register by  February 15, 2013.


But to further prove to you that their "Home Business Programs 3-Step System" will make you money, up to $3,000 dollar monthly Residual Checks and more Working At Home, they will also include, FREE information on receiving Your First Check On Them. This is Separate From The "9 Bonus Signups" Check Above.


That's right! A real check to deposit in your checking account sent to you within your first 30 days after they receive your sign up application back from you.


Imagine getting a check by just signing up with a company. That doesn't happen! But it does with them.


Again, they have already helped scores of people receive up to $1,000, $3,000 even $6,000 dollar Residual Checks faster and easier than they ever thought possible. And they will do the same for you.


Although your first check on them will not be $1,000 or more, it will be enough to take in a movie and dinner for two. 


It's an additional Bonus Check that will be added to your first Residual Check that proves one thing and one thing only...Their System Works!


Full details are in your package coming to you in just 3-5 days! To Get Started, Just click here now!

This Bonus Alone will immediately put a Check in Your Hands Within Your First 30 days In The System. How Many Other Systems Will Do That For You?

So If you want to get in on this limited opportunity - You Need To Act Now By  February 15, 2013!

You'll Get Your First Check On "Market Trends" In 30 Days, Proving Their System Works. How? Easy, after you join they will sign up new applications under you within 2 Weeks.

Then you can begin mailing, taking in up to $1,000 to $3,000, and even $6,000 Dollar Monthly Residual Checks just like me. Get Started Now! You'll be Glad You Did!

P.P.S. No matter what your current situation is, your life can be transformed by the information you'll receive when you register with Market Trends.

I've been deeply involved in network marketing for the past 9 years, and even after all I experienced, (The Big Checks, Time Freedom, And Paying Off All My Bills), I found new and powerful information that I was able to put to use right away to continue to increase my monthly income. You will too. I guarantee it.


Their Web Site Is:

"$3,000" Dollar Monthly Residual CHECKS!


Questions? E-mail Them At:


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